&Design is an episodic VR series rooted in universal and deeply humanthemes such as Death, Love, God, and the idea of Self. Co-produced by Sibling Rivalry Studio and Curious Octopus, &Design guides audiences through an immersive experience of design that melds anthropology, science, history, and technology. Hosted by renowned architecture and design curator Paola Antonelli, viewers are introduced to a variety of groundbreaking designers and creators from around the world. &Design was made possible by a grant from Samsung’s VR Pilot Program


Death &Design EP. 01

How do you capture a last breath? In Episode 1 of Death &Design, Paola looks at and inside Vespers, a collection of death masks designed to map and contain a final exhalation, created by Neri Oxman and the Mediated Matter Group at the MIT Media Lab.


Self &Design Ep. 01

In Episode 1 of Self &Design, Paola travels to Kreutzberg in Berlin, Germany to check out the Imago camera, created by Werner Kraus and Erhard Hößle. The only life-size camera of its kind in the world, it takes the idea of the selfie to a whole new level.


Self &Design Ep. 02

In Episode 2 of Self &Design, Paola travels to Japan to explore the meaning of consciousness and to meet Hiroshi Ishiguro and his team at Osaka University to explore the meaning of consciousness. She takes a peek inside the fascinating world of robotics and comes face to face with realistic humanoids.


Death &Design Ep. 02

What will you wear to your own funeral? In Episode 2 of Death &Design, Paola introduces us to fashion designer Pia Interlandi, who specializes in burial garments and works with dying clients to attire them elegantly to enter their afterlives. Through something as mundane and irresistible as fashion, viewers rediscover death as "natural, undeniable, inevitable and at times, beautiful.”


Meet Our Host

With renowned & charismatic design curator Paola Antonelli as our guide, the series will take you on a captivating, fun and often surprising journey around the globe to reveal the stories of different objects and the people behind them.

Paola is an author, lecturer, and the senior curator in the department of architecture and design at MoMA, as well as MoMA’s founding director of research and development.